E S S & e l l e


y o g a.


I teach yoga — I have a love for movement, anatomy + our intelligent, resilient bodies
my favourite part is helping people see that yoga is MORE than the physical poses we see on the 'gram
when people show up for yoga, it's usually to create some sort of space — physically (flexibility or mobility), mentally (space between our fast-paced thoughts), emotionally (trying to sort through feelings)
so, thats what I encourage.
make space for yourself. use your breath to make space. use the physical postures to make space. try to find release + relief.
I find the phrase "letting go" hard to grasp, sometimes naive, sometimes not possible.
so instead — I encourage you to make space for something new, something else, and see how you can shift your life.


how you show up for yourself, talk to yourself and treat yourself — it's a way of life
good or bad. clean or messy. up or down — I think, it's really the in-betweens that are "yoga"
also, I'm really into a functional yoga method: building strength in our ranges, flirting with the fine line of structure & freedom, and learning WHY our bodies move the way they do
(science, duh!)


my passion projects are the she retreatthe homework series + girlvana yoga