E S S & e l l e

the she retreat

the she retreat


t h e  v i b e

this is for you to be you.
come as you are to re-connect with yourself,
and connect with other women,
to share your story without judgment,
to have those deep, meaningful conversations that make you go “yes”,
to move our bodies with a soft yet strong intention through yoga + movement,
to get still,
to have our noses in good food and good books instead of our phones,
to find your inner kid again,
to belly laugh,
to really cry,
to hug for a really long time,
to drop the titles and expectations of who you SHOULD be
and come home to who you ARE.


t h e  e x p e r i e n c e

starting our morning by checking-in with ourselves and what we need
we’ll ask questions like:
“when is the last time you did something for yourself?”
and “what do you miss about yourself?”
and “why are you here?”

we’ll move our bodies with a soft yoga flow
connecting to our breath
not really worrying about the yoga poses or what our bodies look like in them
and instead, we will use this opportunity to re-connect with ourselves so we can start to peel back the layers that are painted on
we take stillness, even if it’s foreign and uncomfortable, sinking into what’s important: our breathing + our minds

we’ll eat yummy (gluten-free/dairy-free) food all day, we’ll connect, we’ll dig deep with a little self-work & self-inquiry (no need to worry, come as you are), we’ll learn to hold space, we’ll own where we’re at right now, we’ll say nice things to ourselves
and we’ll probs cry.

never apologizing for our tears, giving ourselves the space to release.
crying, feeling and holding space for other women to do the same.
we’ll smile & laugh & listen to the best slow jamzzz playlist

we’ll listen to acoustic music,
drink wine,
do restorative yoga,
write and journal,
acknowledge (& maybe release) the shit we don’t need,
set new intentions,
we’ll meet new friends and feel the support of those going through all the feels & seasons like us.

less schedules, less clocks, less phones, less to-do lists, less rushing.
more peace, more sleep, more rest, more breathing.