E S S & e l l e

who am i?


this is me.
shannon leigh

who am i?
i’m a feeler.
i hold space for humans.
i help people see themselves.
i’m a movement educator & yoga teacher.
i believe in being real more than anything else.

i love being able to dip my toes in so many different passions
+ creator of the she retreat.
+ photographer.

i am a grey-on-grey, barefoot in running shoes kinda girl.
i love skechers & crocs — don’t @ me!
i got married on the beach in jamaica on august 7th, 2018 to my best friend.
my dog & i are always twinning and she just gets me
(i think she’s my soul mate, sorry gregg!)

i've had the same best friends since elementary school
& the women in my life are constantly inspiring me
(mom, especially you)