E S S & e l l e

my words.

a meditation for you. . .


close your eyes.
take a deeper, fuller, bigger breath in through your nose, hold it for just a moment,
and let it go through your mouth.
notice if that breath is the first one you've noticed all day.
how did that feel?
what can you release?
what can you make space for?
start to breathe in a way that you can FEEL and you can HEAR.
longer, louder breaths.

check in with your physical body — what's speaking to you?
check in with yourself emotionally — what did you bring here?
mentally — what's weighing you down?
take another deep breath.
start small and simple.
the breath is this wonderful friend that we have with us at all times that sometimes we forget about.
sometimes, we take this friend for granted.
but this friend is always there — how nice is that?
re-introduce yourself if it's been too long.
get reacquainted.
explore this friendship like it's brand new.
lean on the breath when:
when you are self-sabotaging
when you are drowning
when you are over-thinking
when you need to cry
when you need hug
when you need to slow down
when you need to make space

find this friendship within yourself and talk to yourself like would any other
best friend.
be soft with yourself.
and keep coming home to yourself.

Shannon Hastings